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Bajri Rate Today in Pakistan Today 2024- بجری کا ریٹ

If you are looking for bajri rate today in Pakistan then you are at the right place. The prices is important for individuals who work in the construction industry. Bajri is an important material used in conjunction with cement and rait (sand) to create concrete and plaster walls or to mix with other construction materials. The bajri prices in Pakistan are directly connected with the construction market.

In Pakistan, there are various sizes and types of bajri available from concrete mixing to road and foundation construction. Just like other material categories, bajri in the market have different sizes and quality types to meet the requirements of consumers.

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Bajri Rate Today In Pakistan

25th February 2024

Bajri NameSizeUnitPrice/Rate
Margalla Bajri2 soter1 cubic feetRs. 130
Sargodha Bajri2 soter1 cubic feetRS. 120
Margalla Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 26,000
Sargodha Bajri2 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )RS. 24,000
Margalla Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 117,000
Sargodha Bajri2 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 108,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter1 cubic feetRS. 125
Margalla Bajri3 soter1 cubic feetRS. 135
Margalla Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )Rs. 27,000
Sargodha Bajri3 soter200 Cubic Feet ( Trolly )RS. 25,000
Margalla Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 121,500
Sargodha Bajri3 soter900 Cubic Feet (Damper)RS. 112,500

بجری کے آج کے ریٹ حاصل کریں۔ 2024 پاکستان میں تازہ ترین بجری کے ریٹس جانیں۔ موجودہ بجری کی قیمتوں کے ٹرینڈ کے ساتھ اپ ڈیٹ رہیں!

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Aggregate Types in Construction

There are two types of aggregate depending on the construction work and the size of the material.

  • Coarse (4.75 mm)
  • Fine (9.5 mm)

The first category is coarse aggregate, which possesses a size of 4.75 mm and is especially for particular construction purposes.

The second type is fine aggregate, with a size of 9.5 mm and using in different applications in construction projects.

بجری کا ریٹ

Margalla Cursh vs Sargodha Crush

There is not a big difference between these two types of crushes. The only difference is the region we are getting the crush from.

Margalla bajri is a typical choice in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regions, while Sargodha bajri is the preferred choice in Punjab areas.


It is essential to double-check bajri rate in Pakistan from different bajri dealers while purchasing for any construction project. Some dealers may cheat you by not providing the correct quantity of bajri after receiving payment. To avoid such scams, it is necessary to do some market research. Take an industry expert with you or consult with industry specialists before buying bajri.

Give your feedback in the comments and let us know if the current bajri prices are different in your area.

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