Bajra Rate Today in Pakistan

Bajra Rate Today in Pakistan – Mandi Price 2023

Bajra is an important crop in Pakistan and is primarily grown in Sindh and Punjab provinces. The rates of Bajra depend upon the season, demand, and supply in different mandi across the country. It is commonly sold in 40kg, 50kg and 100kg bags in the markets. Farmers and traders typically monitor the Bajra rate today in mandi to make decisions about buying and selling.

It is also important for individuals to know the retail prices on this webpage before purchasing on small scale. In 2023, as the inflation rate increases it directly affects the bajra prices in Pakistan.

Bajra Rate Today In Pakistan – Mandi Rate
2nd October 2023

CityMinMaxQuantityUpdated On
1 Lahore---
2 Faisalabad90009500100kg1st October 2023
3 Gujranwala---
4 Okara80758575100kg1st October 2023
5 Sargodha---
6 Rawalpindi80009200100kg1st October 2023
7 Multan90009250100kg1st October 2023
8 RahimYarKhan---
9 Bhakhar85009000100kg1st October 2023
10 Bhalwal---
11 Kasur---
12 Sahiwal---
13 Vehari---
14 Burewala---
15 Layyah91009500100kg1st October 2023
16 Gujrat88009200100kg1st October 2023
17 Khanewal---
18 MuzafarGhar---
19 BahawalPur---
20 TTSingh---
21 KabirWala---
22 Patoki---
23 ArifWala70007750100kg1st October 2023
24 Jaranwala---
25 PakPattan---
26 BahawalNagar---
27 Lodhran---
28 Chistian---
29 GujarKhan---
30 Mailsi---
31 Kahrorpacca---
32 Chichawatni---
33 DunyaPur---
34 DGKHAN90009500100kg1st October 2023
35 Chunian---
36 PhoolNagar---
37 LalaMusa86008800100kg1st October 2023
38 MandiBahaudin---
39 JalalPurJattan---
40 Daska---
41 Gojra---
42 Kamalia---
43 PirMahal---
44 jalalpurpirwala---
45 Jahanian---
46 HasalPur---
47 JamPur---
48 Sialkot---
49 Narowal---
50 Chakwal---
51 Jhelum---
52 Mianwali74007600100kg1st October 2023
53 Jhang---
54 SadiqAbad---
55 Khanpur---
56 KotAdu---
57 RenalaKhurd---
58 Nankana---
59 LiaqatPur---
60 ChackJhumra---
61 Summandri---
62 Tandlianwala---
63 Mamunkanjan---
64 Sheikhupura---
65 Chiniot---
66 Shorkot---
67 Muridke---
68 Kalurkot80009000100kg1st October 2023
69 Fortabas---
71 Sillanwali---
72 Abdulhakim---
73 Hasanabdal---
74 Pindibhattian---
75 MultanRoadLahore---
76 Safdarabad---
77 Kotradhakishan---
78 Kanganpur---
79 Khudian---
80 Qiladedarsingh---
81 Sambrial---
82 Pinanwal---
83 Jauharabad84008500100kg1st October 2023
84 Piplan---
85 Qadirpurrawan---
86 Minchanabad---
87 kotmoman---

What Is Bajra Crop?

Bajra is a type of crop that grows in hot and dry areas around the world. It is strong and can grow even in poor soil with less water. The look of this crop is like tall grass and makes long, skinny grains. This grain holds lots of good things like protein, fiber, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Click HERE to know more bajra benefits.

People and animals eat grains, and they can be made into things like bread, porridge, or animal feed. Bajra is important because it can grow easily in different kinds of places where other crops can’t and give people a way to get food.

bajra mandi rate today

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5 Types of Bajra In Pakistan

There are several types of bajra or pearl millet that is grown and consumed in Pakistan including:

  • Desi Bajra: This is the most commonly grown bajra variety in Pakistan. It has a dark brown color and uses for making bread, and traditional dishes.
  • Hybrid Bajra: This is a crossbred variety of bajra that is cultivated to improve grain quality. It is a popular choice among farmers because of its resistance to diseases.
  • Barri Bajra: This type of bajra grows in the arid regions of Pakistan, especially in the Balochistan province. It is commonly used in the making of roti.
  • Mongra Bajra: This is longer grain than other varieties. It is mostly grown in the Punjab province and is used for making roti, and traditional dishes.
  • Bajri: This is a type of bajra mainly used for animal feed. It holds a high nutritional value for cows, buffaloes, goats, and birds.

The current price for 1 kg of Pearl Millet (bajra) in Pakistan is Rs. 95. It is recommended to check the product details and compare prices with various merchants in different cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad before purchasing. By doing so, one can ensure that they are getting the best rate in retail and wholesale.

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