Electricity Per Unit Price in Pakistan 2022 | Today Bijli Rate

Electricity Per Unit Price in Pakistan 18th April 2024 | Today Bijli Rate

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), Pakistan’s electricity supply is regulated and controlled by NEPRA. The rate of electricity supplied to the government of Pakistan is determined and advised by NEPARA. You may see the per unit cost of energy we provide information about in the bill calculation section. In Pakistan, WAPDA is the in-charge of power and water resources. WAPDA manages both electricity and water supplies in Pakistan.

The cost of electricity is high in Pakistan, and you should be aware of how much it costs per unit. The electricity per unit price can vary depending on the province where you live. In Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK provinces, there are divisional electric supply companies that provide electricity at different rates.

Depending on the category, domestic electricity prices per unit can be as cheap as Rs. 7 or as expensive as Rs. 35 . However, a Revision of rates has been recently announced in December 2023 for all categories i.e. commercial, industrial, and agricultural.

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Electricity Per Unit Price In Pakistan

Today 18th April 2024

Electricity prices
Household, kWh Business, kWh
 Pakistan Rupee 15.460 46.450

Domestic Connection Per Unit Rate

The consumption of units directly affects the price change. There is a fixed price for each unit range.

Number of UnitsRate per 1 Unit (kWh)Updated On
1-50 Rs. 6.7218th April 2024
1-100Rs. 9.8918th April 2024
101-200Rs. 19.7518th April 2024
201-300Rs. 26.8918th April 2024
301-700Rs. 29.9318th April 2024
More Then 700 Rs. 35.2618th April 2024

Commercial Connection Per Unit Rate

Load TypeRate per Unit (kWh)
Updated On
Less than 5kW loadRs. 40.8018th April 2024
More than 5kW loadRs. 46.5618th April 2024

electricity per unit price or rate in pakistan

Nepra Electricity Price News March 2023:

Electricity prices have gone up to 65 rupees per unit after a recent increase. The minimum rate is now 22 rupees per unit. NEPRA, under government supervision, has raised the prices.
This change was requested by CPPA (Central Power Purchasing Agency Guarantee Limited) and will take effect according to Nepra’s recent notification.

This rate won’t apply to bills from prior months, or all Disco customers (except Lifeline and K Electric), but it will not apply to Lifeline or K Electric customers at all.

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K-Electric Electricity Price News March 2024:

The people of Karachi are not going to be happy with this news. K Electric has requested Nepra for approval to increase the price of electricity at the end of December 2023. The reason for the request is due to fuel inflation. If approved, this would mean a large increase in electric bills for consumers.

Structure of Electricity prices in Pakistan:

The structure of electricity per unit price as follows:

  1. Electric Supply Company Charges
    • Cost of Units Consumed as per unit rate
    • Meter rent (not applicable to everyone)
    • Service rent (not applicable to everyone)
    • Fuel Price Adjustment
    • C Surcharge
    • R Surcharge
    • QTR Tarrif ADJ/DMC
  2. Government Charges
    • Electricity Duty
    • TV Fee
    • General Sales Tax (GST)

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Electricity Bill Calculation in Pakistan:

If you have a domestic connection, calculating your monthly bill is easy. You just need to know the number of electricity units you use per month.

Check Electricity Bill Online:

The easiest way to check your electricity bill is through a mobile application. You can get a duplicate bill online anytime by simply entering your reference number into the app.

How to Check Electricity Bill Online | Pay Electricity Bills

  • MEPCO – Multan Electric Power Company
  • LESCO – Lahore Electric Supply Company
  • GEPCO – Gujranwala Electric Power Company
  • FESCO – Faisalabad Electric Supply Company
  • IESCO – Islamabad Electric Supply Company
  • PESCO – Peshawar Electric Supply Company
  • HESCO – Hyderabad Electric Supply Company
  • SEPCO – Sukkur Electric Power Company
  • QESCO – Quetta Electric Supply Company
  • TESCO – Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company

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How many kWh is a unit?

A unit of electricity is normally equal to 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh). This is a standard unit of measurement for electricity consumption and is used by utilities to measure and bill for the electricity that a customer uses.

One unit of electricity is equal to the amount of electricity required to power a 1,000-watt appliance for one hour. So, if you have a 100-watt light bulb that is turned on for 10 hours, you would have used 1 unit of electricity (100 watts * 10 hours = 1,000 watt-hours = 1 kWh).

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