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CNG Prices in Pakistan | Today CNG Per Kg Rate in 2024

CNG Prices in Pakistan – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is basically a gas used as fuel in the form of cylinders in vehicles. In the last few years, CNG trend increased due to the high prices of petrol and diesel in Pakistan. However, in the last 6 months, Gasoline Prices in Pakistan increased significantly and rates are approximately equal to petrol. The people of Pakistan are still using CNG because of its good mileage.

Now, CNG prices are free from (OGRA) regulations according to the statement of the Petroleum Ministry. The government decided to deregulate the CNG prices and companies will decide the rates in the future.

CNG Prices/Rates in Pakistan are different in Pakistan depending on its region, mainly there are two regions according to rates

Region 1

  • KPK
  • Baluchistan
  • Potohar Region
  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Gujar Khan.

Region 2:

  • Sindh
  • Punjab excluding the Potohar region.

آج کا سی این جی ریٹ چیک کریں۔

The price of CNG in ‘Region 1’ is 139 Rs per kg retail and in ‘Region 2’ is 195 Rs per kg as the retail price.

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CNG Prices In Pakistan Today 18th May 2024

CNG Products RegionPer Kg Retail Price/RateUpdated On
PunjabRs. 210/KgToday 18th May 2024
SindhRs. 210/KgToday 18th May 2024
BaluchistanRs. 210/Kg
Today 18th May 2024
KPK-Khyber PukhtunkhwaRs. 210/Kg
Today 18th May 2024
Islamabad/RawalpindiRs. 210/Kg
Today 18th May 2024
Potohar RegionRs. 210/Kg
Today 18th May 2024
Gujar KhanRs. 210/Kg
Today 18th May 2024

It is said that an average vehicle can travel 21 km by having 1 kg of CNG in it while on petrol its distance decreases up to 15 km per liter.

It is way cheaper than petrol and LPG plus it is more eco-friendly than Petrol and LPG. CNG having methane gas releases a very less quantity of greenhouse gases (CO2 and CO), but as compared to LPG produces carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas).

It is much cleaner compared to gasoline. Thus, CNG is cleaner than LPG and also much cheaper.

What is CNG?

CNG stands for compressed natural gas. It is mostly used in motor vehicles. Natural gas is generally stored in a fuel tank, or cylinder, typically at the back of the vehicle.

Production of CNG in Pakistan

The Sui gas field is the biggest natural gas field in Pakistan. It is located near Sui in Balochistan. The commercial exploitation of the field began in 1955.

Pakistan produces 1,454,978.00 million cubic feet of natural gas per year recorded in the year 2015. CNG gas holds a ranking of 26th in the world.

Pakistan’s natural gas production reached a peak in 2012, and since then, the sad news is the production of CNG in Pakistan (from existing fields) has started to decline.

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Is CNG safe in cars?

CNG is safer and cleaner than other fuel and LPG gases. Installing a CNG kit in your car offers a safer environment as compared to a petrol or diesel car. CNG has a very high auto-ignition temperature, thus the chances of your car catching fire are minimum.

Some of the advantages are given below

  1. It is easy to maintain a CNG tank and also cheap rather than gasoline & petrol.
  2. CNG is good for the engine and increases the mileage as well.
  3. This causes less pollution comparatively and keeps the environment safe.
  4. A CNG tank is lightweight and does not catch fire easily.
  5. It dissolves in the air very quickly and easily.

Forecast in the prices of CNG in Pakistan

Earlier in this year 2024, when the petrol and diesel prices were rising, the demand for CNG prices was also increasing respectively.

Now you can say these days the prices somehow are well in control, and the demand for such vehicles has also fallen. The upcoming revised prices on May 1, the CNG prices will increase up to 13-15Rs per kg.

What is Price of CNG in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, the prices are different in different cities and regions. In Punjab and Sindh, the CNG prices are almost the same. On the other hand, the rates are same in KPK, Balochistan and Potohar regions including Gujjar khan.

Give you feedback on the “Latest CNG Prices” and if you think the rates are outdated and need to change kindly contact us. Check rates on a regular basis on this website as we update rates on daily basis.

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