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Charging Fan Price In Pakistan 2024 – (With Rechargeable Battery)

Summer is just around the corner and comes with heat and humidity to make life uncomfortable, especially in Pakistan. To maintain the temperatures with a reliable and efficient cooling system is necessary. There are many air conditioner options but they can be costly and not energy-efficient.

On the other hand, there is a huge electricity issue in the country mostly in summer season. This is where charging fans with rechargeable batteries comes to mind. The portable fans are affordable, energy savers, and provide much relief in the hot weather for many households. There are multiple charging fan brands in Pakistan such as SOGO Rechargeable Fan, Lido, GFC, E-Lite, Osaka and others.

In this article, we will discuss the charging fan price in Pakistan for 2023, focusing on those that come with rechargeable batteries.

Latest Rechargeable Fan Price In Pakistan

Today 18th April 2024

The lowest price of a rechargeable fan is Rs. 5,999, and the estimated average price is Rs. 8,034. The latest price for brands like Sogo Rechargeable, Lido AC DC, Lido Rechargeable, White Sogo, and Rechargeable Mist are available.

Image Charging Fan Product Prices
backpac SOGO Rechargeable Fan Model: JPN 633
Rs. 17,899
Sogo Rechargeable Fan Model: JPN-653R Rs. 15,500
Lido Rechargeable Fan Model: MS-414 Rs. 7,920
cordlessblower Lido Rechargeable Fan Model: MS-2608R Rs. 10,299
cordlessblower Rechargeable Mist Fan Lever Model: MB-786 Rs. 15,499
cordlessblower Sogo Rechargeable Stand Fan Model: JPN-634 Rs. 18,399
cordlessblower Sogo Rechargable Air Cooler Model: JPN-698 Rs. 18,499
cordlessblower Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan Model: JPN-634 Rs. 21,899
cordlessblower Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan Model: JPN-680 Rs. 19,999
cordlessblower Sogo Rechargeable Floor Fan Model: JPN-650r Rs. 21,899
cordlessblower Sogo Charging Fan Model: JPN-670 Rs. 12,000
cordlessblower Lever Rechargeable Water MIST Fan Model: MB-9999 Rs. 18,100

Having a rechargeable fan can be incredibly useful during power outages or when a generator fails to work. These battery fans are also portable, allowing you to carry them with you wherever you go.

In Pakistan, you can find charging fans in various sizes and from well-known brands such as Sogo, Sunca, and Knight. The charging fan price in Pakistan varies, but you can purchase a rechargeable fan for a reasonable price. If you’re specifically looking for a Sogo rechargeable fan, Westpoint, Super Asia or a bracket fan, you can easily find their prices in Pakistan.

Rechargeable Fan


Rechargeable fans are a practical and portable solution to beat the heat during power outages. It comes in various sizes and brands, including Sogo, Gfc, Osaka and more. They are available at reasonable rates, Whether you’re looking for a Sogo or a table fan, you can find all the charging fan price in Pakistan on this webpage.


What is the price of charging fan in Pakistan?

The average recharging fan price in Pakistan is around Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 14,000.

Which is the best charging fan?

The best charging fan depends on individual preferences and needs. But the best according to research is SOGO fans.

What is the price of 12 volt rechargeable fan?

The price of a 12-volt rechargeable fan depends on the brand and features. Mostly, 12 Volt Fan comes in Rs. 600 to 1000 

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