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Commodity prices in Pakistan have seen a significant increase in recent years. This is mainly due to the country’s increasing demand for commodities, as well as the rising cost of production.

The most commonly traded commodities in Pakistan include wheat, rice, sugar, and cotton. In addition, Pakistan also exports a variety of other commodities such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish.

The majority of the country’s commodities are imported from neighboring countries such as India and China. However, due to the increasing cost of production, Pakistan is now importing a significant amount of commodities from developed countries such as the United States and Europe.

Pakistan’s economy is highly dependent on agriculture. Therefore, the country’s agricultural sector is one of the most important drivers of economic growth.

The government has taken a number of measures to support the agricultural sector, including providing subsidies and investing in infrastructure. However, due to the recent increase in commodity prices, the government has had to increase taxes on agricultural products.

As a result of the higher taxes, the prices of agricultural products have increased significantly. This has led to a decrease in the purchasing power of consumers, as well as an increase in inflation.

The government is also trying to control the price of essential commodities by imposing price controls. However, due to the rising cost of production, these measures have not been very effective.

The increase in commodity prices has also had a negative impact on the country’s balance of payments. The country has been running a trade deficit for the past few years, and the situation is


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