Battery Prices In Pakistan

Battery Prices In Pakistan – AGS, Exide, Tubular, Osaka, Phoenix

In today’s world, it is difficult to imagine life without batteries. They power our devices, from smartphones to cars, and without them, we would be stuck in the dark ages. With so many different types of batteries on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one for your needs. However, when it comes to battery prices in Pakistan, it’s important to consider not only the initial cost but also the long-term value.

In this article, we will explore the battery market in Pakistan, with a particular focus on the price and value of batteries for consumers. Due to the frequent fluctuations in electricity prices in Pakistan, there is a continuous increase in the demand for batteries.

Today Battery Prices In Pakistan – Latest Rates

(25th February 2024)

AGS Battery Prices

AGS batteries in Pakistan are high quality and available at competitive pricing. These are commonly used in cars, motorcycles, and as backup power for homes. AGS batteries last a long time because of their strong and durable plates. Despite the rising battery prices in Pakistan, AGS continues to maintain the overall quality of its batteries. There are different models present that are suitable for cars and backup power systems. Many people in Pakistan also use AGS batteries with solar panels and inverters to meet their energy needs.

AGS Battery Prices In Pakistan

Sr.AGS Model NamePrice
1GR463300 PKR
2GL483600 PKR
3GL504200 PKR
4GR704600 PKR
5CNG604700 PKR
6GR654900 PKR
7GL654900 PKR
880D26R5200 PKR
9GR875600 PKR
10GR855900 PKR
11GL856100 PKR
12GR1007200 PKR
13GL1007300 PKR
146FT1208200 PKR
15N1258800 PKR
16GX1329200 PKR
17GX1359700 PKR
18GX16511500 PKR
19GX17512500 PKR
20GL19014300 PKR
21195G51F15800 PKR
22GX20017400 PKR
23210H5221500 PKR
24245H5222500 PKR

Exide Battery Prices

Exide is a popular battery brand in Pakistan, commonly used for UPS or inverters. The price of Exide batteries in Pakistan depends on market conditions and other UPS battery competitors. Exide is consistently popular because of offering high-quality liquid acid, tubular, and dry batteries. They hold a team of highly qualified electrical engineers and an investment in their research and development center. The rates of Exide batteries in Pakistan are reasonable according to consumers.

Exide Battery Prices

Sr.Exide Model NamePrice
1TR3500 9P 290 AH63300 PKR
2N260 33 Plates 210AH57330 PKR
3N250 31 Plates 200 AH56060 PKR
4TR300 9P 250 AH55910 PKR
5TR2500 7P 230 AH52420 PKR
6NS 250 PP 31 Plates 200 AH49710 PKR
7N260 33 Plates 210 AH47500 PKR
8HP275 27 Plates 180 AH44700 PKR
9HP25- 25 Plates42480 PKR
10NS240 27 Plates 180 AH39880 PKR
11TR1800 5P 185 AH38440 PKR
12NS240 Plus 180 AH37950 PKR
13HP 245 25 Plates 170 AH 12 Volts36840 PKR
14HP230 21 Plates 140 AH35060 PKR
15HP240 27PL 180 AH34600 PKR
16TR1500 5PL 145 AH33200 PKR
17HP23032950 PKR
18N190 145 AH 23 Plates30050 PKR
19S50 20Ah 12 Volts5750 PKR
20HP200 120 AH 17 Plates29120 PKR
21NS200 150 AH 27 Plates28280 PKR
22N180 Plus 130 AH 12 volts27950 PKR
23HP195 21 Plates26880 PKR
24N175 19PL 12 Volts25950 PKR
25HP24025500 PKR
26NS906300 PKR
276LT180 130 AH 23 Plates24390 PKR
28HP150 95 Ah 15 Plates23740 PKR
29N135 105AH 17PL22080 PKR
30N26021500 PKR
316X120 90AH 15PL20400 PKR
32N20019500 PKR
33N13019200 PKR
34EX110 15PL18190 PKR
35N130 100AH 17PL17550 PKR
36N805500 PKR
37MF95 72AH 13PL16510 PKR
38N240P16000 PKR
39GL65 40AH 11PL9950 PKR
40GL50 9PL9080 PKR
41HP13015000 PKR
42NS654700 PKR
43N13514500 PKR
44MF95L14220 PKR
45N85 65AH 11PL13540 PKR
46MF75 55AH 13PL13350 PKR
476X12012500 PKR
48MF65L12230 PKR
49N75 55AH 12 Volts11500 PKR
50MF55L11200 PKR
51NS65L10760 PKR
52CNG65L10010 PKR
53N70 9PL9370 PKR
54GL55 11PL8200 PKR
55GL/GR506100 PKR
56CNG40 7PL7240 PKR
57GL48 9PL6980 PKR
58GEN35 5PL6800 PKR

Osaka Battery Prices

A Reliable and Affordable Choice When it comes to batteries, Osaka is a name that needs no introduction. The brand has been providing high-quality batteries for over 25 years and has become a trusted name in Pakistan.

Osaka batteries are famous in Pakistan for their quality and durability. They are made by the well-known brand Osaka from Japan. These batteries come in various sizes for bikes and cars. The prices of Osaka batteries depend on the market conditions in Pakistan. However, they generally offer competitive pricing like other battery brands. Many people in Pakistan choose Osaka batteries for their UPS systems because of their advanced technology and long-lasting performance.

Osaka Batteries

Sr.Osaka Model NameAhRetail PriceMax Price
1Super43860 PKR1015 PKR
2Super651680 PKR1982 PKR
3Super751680 PKR1982 PKR
4Super872130 PKR2513 PKR
5Super1092700 PKR3186 PKR
6Supreme431170 PKR1381 PKR
7Supreme4 Gel31180 PKR1392 PKR
8Supreme652025 PKR2390 PKR
9Supreme872730 PKR3221 PKR
10Supreme1093540 PKR4177 PKR
11NP5-1251850 PKR2183 PKR
12NP7-127.22395 PKR2826 PKR
13NP12-12123890 PKR4590 PKR
146GFM-18185570 PKR6573 PKR
1512Gen-MR35 5PL205750 PKR6785 PKR
16SR50 5PL205,750 PKR6,785 PKR
1712Gen-MR45 7PL257300 PKR8614 PKR
18S50RL+ 9PL348,940 PKR10,549 PKR
19CR65L+ 11PL4010,125 PKR11,948 PKR
20S65RL+ 11PL4011,000 PKR12,980 PKR
21S70RL+ 12PL5011,900 PKR14,042 PKR
22S75RL+ 9PL5011,800 PKR13,924 PKR
23S85ZRL+ 11PL6013,375 PKR15,783 PKR
24NS95RL+ 13PL7015,250 PKR17,995 PKR
25S100A+ 11PL7215,000 PKR17,700 PKR
26S105RL+ 13PL8015,800 PKR18,644 PKR
27V110ZRL+ 15PL8517,950 PKR21,181 PKR
286LT1902529,400 PKR34,692 PKR
296LT2002933,300 PKR39,294 PKR
30MF 40Gen RL 5PL206,050 PKR7,139 PKR
31MF 50RL 9PL389,630 PKR11,363 PKR
32MF 60RL 11PL4010,920 PKR12,886 PKR
33MF 70RL 11PL4811,610 PKR13,700 PKR
34MF 72RL 12PL4812,750 PKR15,045 PKR
35MF 75RL 9PL5012,520 PKR14,774 PKR
36MF 80RL 11PL7514,774 PKR17,346 PKR
37MF 100RL 13PL8016,950 PKR20,001 PKR
38MF 110RL 15PL9019,300 PKR22,774 PKR
39MFD 55 11PL5520,350 PKR24,013 PKR
40MFD 66 13PL6623,600 PKR27,848 PKR
41MFD 88 17PL6830,500 PKR35,990 PKR
42SR100A 9PL5512,800 PKR15,104 PKR
43PlatinumT 125 15PL10020,450 PKR24,131 PKR
44PlatinumP 135 17PL10521,900 PKR25,842 PKR
45PlatinumP 140 17PL11023,100 PKR27,258 PKR
46PlatinumP 150 19PL11524,350 PKR28,733 PKR
47PlatinumP 175S 19PL12027,500 PKR32,450 PKR
48PlatinumP 180S 21PL13029,000 PKR34,220 PKR
49PlatinumP 190S 23PL14530,250 PKR35,695 PKR
50PlatinumP 200S 21PL13031,200 PKR36,816 PKR
51PlatinumP 210S 23PL15534,180 PKR40,332 PKR
52PlatinumP 225S 25PL17537,300 PKR44,014 PKR
53PlatinumP 250S 27PL18038,900 PKR45,902 PKR
54PlatinumP 260S 27PL18039,500 PKR46,610 PKR
55PlatinumP 270S 31PL20044,800 PKR52,864 PKR
56PlatinumP 290Z 33PL21547,650 PKR56,227 PKR
57IPS 1200 19PL12029,950 PKR35,341 PKR
58IPS 1300 21PL13032,400 PKR38,232 PKR
59IPS 1600 23PL16035,400 PKR41,772 PKR
60IPS 2000 25P17038,750 PKR45,725 PKR
61TA1200 7PL12539,600 PKR46,728 PKR
62TA1500 5PL14036,500 PKR43,070 PKR
63TA1600 9PL15041,500 PKR48,970 PKR
64TA1700 7PL17045,800 PKR54,044 PKR
65TA2000 9PL23056,800 PKR67,024 PKR
66TA1800 5PL18544,450 PKR52,451 PKR
67TA2500 7PL23057,400 PKR67,732 PKR
68TA3000 9PL26066,000 PKR77,880 PKR

Phoenix Battery Prices

Phoenix is a popular battery brand in Pakistan, operating since 2005. It is the second most famous manufacturer in the country, affiliated with Century Industry Pvt Ltd. They offer a range of battery models, like UGS, XP, EXT, DLT, CNG, GSB, Euromax, and TX series. They provide affordable options with good quality for all consumers. The recent inflation has led to remarkable battery price levels in Pakistan. Phoenix has a strong distribution network and offers various services and plate options to cater to different needs.

Phoenix Batteries

Sr.Phoenix Model NamePrice
1CNG 55 9PL6000 PKR
2CNG 65 11PL7200 PKR
3R40 7PL4400 PKR
4GSb 35 5PL4300 PKR
5Euromax 55 9PL6400 PKR
6Euromax 65 11PL7100 PKR
7Euromax 85 9PL8700 PKR
8XP 50 Plus R/L 9PL6000 PKR
9XP 60 L 11PL7000 PKR
10XP 70 R/L 13PL8400 PKR
11XPO 75 R 9PL8200 PKR
12XP 85 R/L 11PL9400 PKR
13UGS 55 9PL6260 PKR
14UGS 90 11PL10000 PKR
15UGS 125 15PL14700 PKR
16UGS 140 17PL15800 PKR
17UGS 175 21PL16500 PKR
18UGLT 200 Special Edition 23PL21500 PKR
19UGS 205 23PL22800 PKR
20UGS 205 Limited Edition 23PL22800 PKR
21UGS 220 25PL24000 PKR
22XP 95 R/L 13PL11300 PKR
23XP 100 R 11PL10000 PKR
24XP 105 R 13PL11300 PKR
25XP 110 R/L 15PL12000 PKR
26EXT 125 15PL14500 PKR
27EXT 130 17PL15000 PKR
28XP 135 17PL15400 PKR
29XP 145 19PL16000 PKR
30XP 165 21PL17800 PKR
31XP 170 R 21PL18000 PKR
32XP 185 23PL19800 PKR
33XP 200 + 23PL23000 PKR
34XP 210 25PL23500 PKR
35XP 230 27PL26500 PKR
36XP 250 31PL32300 PKR
37XP 260 33PL34000 PKR
384DLT 180 23PL20000 PKR
394DLT 205 27PL23500 PKR
40Euromax 110 11PL11500 PKR
41TX 600 5PL12500 PKR
42TX 700 5PL13000 PKR
43TX 1000 5PL14500 PKR
44TX 1100 7PL24000 PKR
45TX 1200 7PL26800 PKR
46TX 1400 9PL29500 PKR
47TX 1800 5PL28800 PKR
48TX 2500 7PL36000 PKR
49TX 3000 7PL37000 PKR
50TX 3500 9PL44500 PKR

Volta Battery Prices

Volta batteries in Pakistan come in different sizes and models, with prices depending on the size and number of plates. They are popular among car and heavy bike owners, especially the Volta S series for bikes ranging from 150cc and above. Volta offers batteries with 9 to 27 plates, and many vehicle owners prefer them because of their affordable prices compared to other options in Pakistan. These prices mentioned are for business owners in the battery industry and may change over time. 

Volta Battery Rates In Pakistan

Sr. Volta Model NameNumber of PlatesPrice
1NS489PL3100 PKR
2NS48L9PL3100 PKR
3CR60L11PL3600 PKR
4N6011PL4000 PKR
5N60L11PL4000 PKR
6N6512PL4500 PKR
7N65L12PL4500 PKR
8N709PL4050 PKR
9N80Z11PL4500 PKR
10N80ZL11PL4500 PKR
11NS9013PL5700 PKR
12N90A11PL5000 PKR
13N9513PL5800 PKR
14N100Z15PL6500 PKR
15N100ZL15PL6500 PKR
16T12015PL7800 PKR
17N13017PL8200 PKR
18N13519PL8700 PKR
19N14019PL8900 PKR
20NS17521PL10500 PKR
21NS18523PL11000 PKR
22N20023PL12800 PKR
23N22025PL13000 PKR
24NS24027PL14000 PKR


Important Note: Similar prices can be found in cities like Karachi, Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Peshawar, Gujranwala, and Sialkot, with slight variations depending on the city.

Homage Battery Rates

Homage batteries are compact and dry cell types, commonly paired with Homage inverters for a long-lasting power supply. Many people prefer Homage batteries for their small size and reasonable prices, especially when combined with Homage inverters. They are also commonly used with solar panels of various sizes across the country.

Homage Battery Prices today

Sr.Battery ModelsPrice
1HB195 150Ah22700 PKR
2HB165 120Ah19300 PKR
3HB45 33Ah5200 PKR
4HB70G 50Ah7800 PKR
5HB65 45Ah7000 PKR
6HB50G 33Ah5500 PKR
7HB220G 150Ah29300 PKR
8HB210G 150Ah26100 PKR
9HB200G 125Ah25700 PKR
10HB196G 120Ah21300 PKR
11HB150G 110Ah19500 PKR
12HB146G 100Ah17600 PKR

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Battery Types

Battery Types for UPS:

  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries: Commonly used in UPS systems
  • Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries: Growing in popularity for UPS applications
  • Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries: Less common in UPS systems due to environmental concerns.

Types for Solar Batteries:

  • Lead Acid batteries: Including both flooded and sealed variants
  • Lithium-ion batteries: Widely used in solar energy storage systems such as charging fans 
  • Flow batteries: These batteries use liquid electrolytes stored in external tanks, suitable for large-scale solar installations.

Battery Types for Cars:

  • Lead Acid batteries: Traditional car batteries, available as either flooded or sealed (AGM or Gel) variants
  • Lithium-ion batteries: Increasingly used in electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries: Commonly found in hybrid vehicles

Types of Car Battery:

  • Flooded Lead Acid batteries: The most common type, filled with liquid electrolytes
  • Sealed Lead Acid batteries: Also known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries, they are maintenance-free
  • Lithium-ion batteries: For electric and hybrid vehicles, lightweight and have a longer lifespan compared to lead acid batteries.
  • Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries: Available for hybrid vehicles, provide better energy efficiency compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

Final Words

In summary, if you’re looking for battery prices in Pakistan in 2023, AGS, Exide, Volta, Osaka, and Phoenix are well-known brands to check out. Compare their prices and choose the one that suits your needs. Remember to consider the quality and affordability of the batteries before buying. Stay updated with the latest battery prices to find the best deals in Pakistan in 2023.


How long do car batteries last in Pakistan?

The lifespan of car batteries in Pakistan can vary depending on factors such as maintenance, climate, and usage, but typically they last between 2 to 5 years.

Which country has the best battery technology?

Determining the country with the best battery technology is subjective and can vary depending on specific factors and applications. However, countries like the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea are known for advancements in battery technology.

Which battery is famous in Pakistan?

Some famous battery brands in Pakistan include Exide, AGS, and Volta

What is the price of 210 Phoenix battery in Pakistan?

The approximate price of the Phoenix UGS-210 LE Battery, an Unsealed Lead Acid Battery, in Pakistan is around 42,500 Rs.

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