Poultry chicken Feed Prices in Pakistan

Poultry Feed Prices in Pakistan 2024 | Today Chicken Feed Rates

If you own a chicken or poultry form then it is necessary to know the feed price daily. So, make sure to check the rates regularly and plan accordingly to keep your poultry healthy and your business profitable.

Chicken feed is a necessary part of a chicken’s fast growth. Below are the latest chicken poultry feed prices in Pakistan for 2024. Broiler chickens are fed with different kinds of feeds according to their age and development chart. We will keep updating these poultry rates according to company price notifications.

In Pakistan, there are multiple poultry feed mills or companies that manufacture chicken feed with different brand names. We have provided the prices of major brand feeds in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK.

Today Chicken Feed Prices in Pakistan

18th April 2024

Feed No.Poultry Feed Type50kg BagMax RateUpdated On
11Layer Starter Chicks CrumbsPKR 4,609PKR 4,81417th April 2024
12Layer Grower CrumbsPKR 4,609PKR 4,81417th April 2024
13Layer CrumbsPKR 4,544PKR 4,73917th April 2024
13-SLayer Cage CrumbsPKR 4,559PKR 4,93917th April 2024
14Broiler Pre Starter CrumbsPKR 4,909PKR 5,03917th April 2024
14-SBroiler Pre Starter Crumbs (Control)PKR 5,049PKR 5,07917th April 2024
14-S1Broiler Grower Crumbs (Control)PKR 4,984PKR 5,05917th April 2024
14-S2Broiler Finisher Crumbs (Control)PKR 4,969PKR 5,00917th April 2024
14-S2 MBroiler Finisher Crumbs (Medicated)PKR 5,034PKR 5,05917th April 2024
14-S3 MBroiler Finisher CrumbsPKR 5,034PKR 5,06917th April 2024
15Broiler Finisher CrumbsPKR 4,959PKR 5,13917th April 2024
16Breeder Starter CrumbsPKR 4,784PKR 4,85917th April 2024
17Breeder Grower CrumbsPKR 4,764PKR 4,80917th April 2024
18Pre Breeder CrumbsPKR 4,784PKR 5,23417th April 2024
19Breeder CrumbsPKR 4,784PKR 4,87917th April 2024

Feed usually comes in crumbs or mash form. Prices may vary from what is displayed due to market changes. These are the approximate prices of major poultry feed brands in cities such as Multan, Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta etc. We’re only providing price information and you’ll still have to buy it from the feed market itself.

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Some Poultry Feed Brands:

There are several major chicken feed brands available in Pakistan. The chicken poultry feed prices are different for different brands in Pakistan. Some of the most popular brands include Asia Poultry Feeds, Paragons, Saffron, and Al-Noor. These brands offer a variety of different feed products that meet the specific needs of chicken farmers.

  • Asia Poultry Feeds
  • Crystal feeds Industry
  • Shabbir Feed Mills
  • Jadeed Feeds
  • Chaudhry Feeds
  • JSK Feeds

Chicken Feed price in Pakistan Today

There are just a few of the many chicken feed brands available in Pakistan. Each brand offers a variety of different products that are designed to meet the specific needs of chicken farmers. When choosing a chicken feed brand, it is important to consider the specific needs of your chickens. This will help you choose a brand that offers the right products for your chickens.

Note* Keep checking this page for updates on Pakistan’s poultry feed prices in Pakistan. We do our best to update chicken feed rates as they change in the market. You can also find prices of other commodities on our pricesin.pk website.

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