Copper Rate in Pakistan Per KG

Copper Rate in Pakistan Per KG 2023 – Copper Metal Today Price

Copper Rate In Pakistan, people usually inquire about copper prices by weight or price per kilogram. After the selection of the desired copper gauge wire in millimeters for motor winding is complete, you can check the copper prices in 2023 per kilogram on this page.

Copper is effective in conducting electricity and as a result, it’s regularly used in electrical wiring. In fact, copper wire is necessary for the functioning of most electronic devices found in homes. Additionally, motors that have copper windings are known to operate efficiently.

These metal wires are always preferred over those made from other materials when it comes to commercial and residential wiring. Tanba, Peetal, or کاپر – which are all regional names for copper – are popular choices in Pakistan.

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Copper Rate in Pakistan 2023

Today 25th February 2024 – کاپر کا ریٹ

Copper | Peetal | TanbaPer Kg Rate/PriceUpdated On
NewPKR 2,400 – 2,55025th February 2024
ScrapPKR 1,660 – 1,67025th February 2024

After a house is built, copper wires are needed for electricity. The table below shows the current rate of copper in Pakistan. Note that there is a separate price for copper wires used in wiring; this price may vary depending on your location within Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. The following list provides the current rate per kilogram of copper in some major cities:

What is Copper Wire?

Copper wire is a conductor of electricity that is made from copper. It is used in a variety of electrical applications, including in wiring for homes and businesses, in electrical motors and generators, and in electronic devices. Copper wire is also sometimes used in jewelry and other decorative items.

Copper prices in paksitan

Copper wire is an excellent conductor of electricity and has a very low resistance. This makes it ideal for use in electrical applications where high current needs to be carried. Copper wire also has a very low thermal conductivity, which means it can be used in applications where heat needs to be dissipated quickly, such as in electrical motors.

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What is the rate of 1 kg of copper?

The rate of 1 kg of copper is Rs.2300 per kilogram. This rate may vary depending on the market conditions. However, this is the approximate rate for 1 kg of copper.

The World Bank’s commodity forecast report predicts that the average spot price for copper will be $8,500 per metric ton by the end of 2021. The price is expected to decrease to $7,500 in 2023 and then grow back to $8,250 by 2035.

On this Thursday, copper was valued at 10,000 times less than gold-  the biggest gap since 2009 when copper prices dropped during the financial crisis. Additionally, silver is currently 122 times cheaper than gold which marks its lowest price relative to gold on record.

Pakistan Cables Price List – Wire Rates
(7/29, 3/29)

Pakistan Cables offers a range of cable products, including 7/29 and 3/29 cables. They maintain competitive prices for their customers. The 3 29 cable is a popular choice and its price in Pakistan affects many customers. This article examines the current price of the 3/29 cable and the factors that determine its cost.

Pakistan Cable TypeDimensionPrice
7/.029 250/440 V90m₨. 14,472
3/.029 250/440 V90m₨. 6,774
1×1 MM² 300/500 V90m₨. 5,179
1×1.5 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 7,610
1×1.5 MM² (STRANDED) 450/750 V90m₨. 8,200
1×2.5 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 12,349
1×2.5 MM² (STRANDED) 450/750 V90m₨. 13,087
1×4 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 18,744
1×6 MM² 450/750 V90mRs. 27,723
1×10 MM² 450/750 V90m₨. 47,503
RG-6 1.0 MM (BLACK) CU CLAD – Coil10.2 × 10.2 × 5.2-90 m₨ 11,508
RG-7 1.3 MM (BLACK) CU CLAD – Coil10.2 × 10.2 × 5.2-90 m₨. 14,651
Networking Cable / CAT6 UTP PVC (4 Pair) 305 m305m₨. 49,944

Give you feedback in comments regarding the copper rate in Pakistan. Prices may very according to the situation and date.

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