Corn Makai Rate Today - Maize Prices In Pakistan

Corn Makai Rate Today – Maize Prices In Pakistan 2023 

If you’re searching for the current Makai Rate in Pakistan for the year 2023, then you’ve landed on the correct webpage. Here, we will provide you with the latest updates on the Maize Prices in various regions across Pakistan.

In the northern regions of Punjab, Pakistan, farmers grow maize, also known as corn or makai, as an important crop. Maize ranks as the third most significant crop after rice and wheat. People mainly use maize as food for poultry, but it has various other uses as human food. Some areas of Pakistan, especially the northwestern mountainous regions, incorporate maize significantly into their diets. Manufacturers can make custard, jelly, edible oil, cornflakes, and glucose from maize.


PER 100KG TODAY 25th February 2024

CityMin Corn/Makai RateMax Corn/Makai RateFQP
1 Lahore---
2 Faisalabad650075007000
3 Gujranwala---
4 Okara725079757613
5 Sargodha800082008100
6 Rawalpindi---
7 Multan775080007875
8 RahimYarKhan---
9 Bhakhar700075007250
10 Bhalwal---
11 Kasur---
12 Sahiwal780082008000
13 Vehari700076007300
14 Burewala700075007250
15 Layyah750079007700
16 Gujrat---
17 Khanewal---
18 MuzafarGhar---
19 BahawalPur---
20 TTSingh680075007150
21 KabirWala---
22 Patoki300032003100
23 ArifWala700077507375
24 Jaranwala---
25 PakPattan---
26 BahawalNagar---
27 Lodhran---
28 Chistian---
29 GujarKhan---
30 Mailsi---
31 Kahrorpacca---
32 Chichawatni---
33 DunyaPur---
34 DGKHAN800082008100
35 Chunian---
36 PhoolNagar---
37 LalaMusa780082008000
38 MandiBahaudin---
39 JalalPurJattan---
40 Daska---
41 Gojra---
42 Kamalia---
43 PirMahal---
44 jalalpurpirwala---
45 Jahanian---
46 HasalPur---
47 JamPur---
48 Sialkot640067006550
49 Narowal---
50 Chakwal---
51 Jhelum---
52 Mianwali740076007500
53 Jhang---
54 SadiqAbad---
55 Khanpur---
56 KotAdu---
57 RenalaKhurd---
58 Nankana---
59 LiaqatPur---
60 ChackJhumra---
61 Summandri---
62 Tandlianwala---
63 Mamunkanjan---
64 Sheikhupura---
65 Chiniot---
66 Shorkot---
67 Muridke---
68 Kalurkot---
69 Fortabas---
71 Sillanwali---
72 Abdulhakim---
73 Hasanabdal---
74 Pindibhattian---
75 MultanRoadLahore---
76 Safdarabad---
77 Kotradhakishan---
78 Kanganpur---
79 Khudian---
80 Qiladedarsingh---
81 Sambrial---
82 Pinanwal---
83 Jauharabad100001100010500
84 Piplan---
85 Qadirpurrawan---
86 Minchanabad---
87 kotmoman---

Various factories located in Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Rahim Yar Khan, and Rawalpindi use maize or Makki to produce a wide range of products. In recent years, the production of maize has significantly increased due to the adoption of improved technology and hybrid varieties. By cultivating superior varieties and implementing recommended production techniques, it is possible to further increase the output per acre of maize. The price of maize is subject to variation across different markets and gets updated daily.

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Maize Prices In Punjab 2023

The average maize prices of 40kg of in Punjab, Pakistan is approximately Rs. 2,175 to Rs. 2200 Pakistani Rupees.

Corn Makai Rate Today

What is Maize?

Maize, also called corn, is a crop that belongs to the grass family. It’s an important crop grown in many parts of the world and used for various purposes, including food for humans and animals, biofuels, and industrial products. It’s a tall plant that grows up to 3-4 meters high, has long leaves, a thick stem, and ears that contain rows of kernels. Maize is versatile and can be used to make cornmeal, cornflakes, corn syrup, and ethanol.

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Common Uses of Makai/Corn:

Maize is a crop that is used for many things in Pakistan. Here are some common uses:

  • Farmers mostly grow maize to feed their poultry.
  • People in some parts of Pakistan also eat maize as part of their diet, especially in the mountainous regions.
  • Maize is used to make different things like custard, jelly, cornflakes, and glucose.
  • Industries use maize to make different products such as corn oil, corn starch, and corn syrup.
  • Maize is also used to make biofuels, which are an alternative to fossil fuels.
  • Farmers also use maize as feed for their animals.

The maize is a useful crop in Pakistan and is used in many different ways.

I hope you like the information on this webpage. Check consistently because we update Maize Prices In Pakistan on daily basis.

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