Pakistan Post Rates In Pakistan - Parcel Delivery Charges

Pakistan Post Rates 2023 – Parcel Delivery Prices

Pakistan Post offers a diverse range of parcel delivery services both locally and internationally. You can determine the local delivery rate based on the weight of your parcel, while the international delivery price varies according to the destination and weight of the parcel. For added security, Pakistan Post provides a registry service, and for a more economical option, it offers an Unregistered Mail Service.

To find the most affordable option for international shipping from Pakistan, choose the post office’s Unregistered Mail Service. The post office also operates a helpline to assist customers with their inquiries and provide information about the different services available. Regardless of whether you need to send a small envelope or a large parcel, Pakistan Post has a suitable solution to meet your needs.

Pakistan Post Rates In Pakistan 2023

National & International

The Pak Post offers both national and international parcel delivery services. The rates for these services vary based on factors such as weight and destination.

Pakistan Post Mail Services Rates:

پاکستان پوسٹ سروس کے نرخ

CategoryLettersPrinted Matters (i)Printed Matters (ii)Small PacketsPost Cards
For weight not exceeding  20g453015-
Above 20g but not exceeding 50g706020-
Above 50g not exceeding  100g110754090
Above 100g not exceeding  250g2501658017530.00
Above 250g not exceeding  500g470300145315
Above 500g not exceeding  1000g830560280540
Above 1000g not exceeding  2000g1450940470795
For every additional 1000g or fraction thereof up to 5000g.870430215600

These are different parcel delivery rates according to weight. Post provides a variety of mail services with rates that vary depending on the type of service and delivery options selected.

Note* This Services Is For All Countries other than India, Indonesia and Bangladesh (Weight table mentioned below is in GRAMS).

UMS Rates (Urgent Mail Sevice):

Urgent Mail Sevice Tariff

Pakistan Post International Rates:

S.NoCountry NameFirst 1000 GramAddl. 1000 Gram
2ALBANIA (AL)2,9501,105
3ALGERIA (DZ)2,630905
4ANGOLA (AO)3,9702,175
5ANTIGUA & BARBUDA (AG)4,2202,970
6ARGENTINA (AR)5,6503,705
7ARMENIA (AM)3,4501,420
8ARUBA (AW)4,5603,040
9AUSTRALIA (AU)3,5001,630
10AUSTRIA (AT)2,970720
11AZERBAIJAN (AZ)2,390490
12BAHAMAS (BS)3,1301,860
13BAHRAIN (BH)1,940395
14BANGLADESH (BD)1,840425
15BARBADOS (BB)4,4602,995
16BELARUS (BY)3,0501,030
17BELGIUM (BE)3,990910
18BELIZE (BZ)3,9902,170
19BENIN (BJ)3,4602,055
20BHUTAN (BT)2,590730
21BOLIVIA (BO)5,5503,530
23BOSTAWANA (BW)4,4802,370
24BRAZIL (BR)5,5303,425
26BULGARIA (BG)2,750990
27BURKINA FASO (BF)3,9102,190
28BURUNDI (BI)4,0702,115
29CAMBODIA (KH)2,100665
30CAMEROON (CM)3,7802,075
31CANADA (CA)4,0101,925
32CAPE VERDE (CV)3,8402,095
34CHAD (TD)3,6202,080
35CHILE (CL)6,1504,135
37CHINA (CN)2,450810
38CHINA - HONG KONG (HK)3,140765
39CHINA - MACAO (MO)2,920810
40COLOMBIA (CO)4,2402,145
41COMOROS (KM)3,3802,050
42CONGO (CG)3,5002,070
43COSTA RICA (CR)5,4603,440
44COTE D'IVOIRE (CI)4,0002,390
45CROTIA (HR)2,500915
46CUBA (CU)3,1701,490
47CURACAO (CW)3,7602,050
48CYPRUS (CY)2,480545
49CZECH (CZ)2,680960
50DEM. REP. OF KOREA (KP)2,560710
51DEM. REP. OF CONGO (CD)3,9902,110
52DENMARK (DK)3,050780
53DJIBOUTI (DJ)3,6402,070
54DOMINICA (DM)4,2802,975
56ECUADOR (EC)4,1502,250
57EGYPT (EG)2,530710
58EL SALVADOR (SV)3,4802,110
60ERITREA (ER)4,0802,110
61ESTONIA (EE)3,0201,025
62ETHIOPIA (ET)1,950760
63FIJI (FJ)4,1202,530
64FINLAND (FI)3,9201,160
65- ALAND ISLANDS (AX)1,930685
66FRANCE (FR)3,170860
67- FRENCH GUIANA (GF)5,3103,000
68- FRENCH POLYNESIA (PF)3,6201,340
69- GUADELOUPE (GP)3,7901,475
70- MARTINIQUE (MQ)3,7901,475
71- MAYOTTE (YT)3,9701,650
72- NEW CALEDONIA (NC)4,5201,920
73- REUNION (RE)4,3802,065
74- SAINT PIERRE & MIQUELON (PM)4,3101,995
75- WALLIS & FUTUNA (WF)4,0902,270
76GABON (GA)3,8002,155
77GAMBIA (GM)3,7002,015
78GEORGIA (GE)3,5001,065
79GERMANY (DE)3,800855
80GHANA (GH)3,9701,890
81GREAT BRITAIN (GB)3,9101,175
82- ANGUILLA (AL)2,7401,450
83- ASCENSION (SH)2,8101,540
84- BERMUDA (BM)4,8903,030
85- CAYMAN ISLANDS (KY)5,8104,140
87- GIBRALTAR (GI)2,8901,500
88- MONTSERRAT (MS)2,7801,535
89- PITCAIRN ISLANDS (PN)3,5801,380
90- ST. HELENA (SH)2,9501,540
91- TRISTAN DA CUHNA (TA)2,7801,545
92- TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS (TC)4,2202,970
93- VIRGIN ISLANDS (VG)2,7901,455
94GREECE (GR)2,520735
95GRENADA (GD)4,3602,985
96GUATEMALA (GT)4,3903,115
97GUINEA (GN)3,7902,085
98GUINEA-BISSAU (GW)4,8002,605
99GUYANA (GY)3,7001,945
100HAITI (HT)3,2001,865
101HONDURAS (HN)3,5202,115
102HUNGRY (HU)3,3101,060
103ICELAND (IS)4,6501,770
104INDIA (IN)2,650440
105INDONESIA (ID)2,9801,055
106IRAN (IR)3,080510
107IRAQ (IQ)1,750395
108IRELAND (IE)3,040930
109ITALY (IT)2,880835
110JAMAICA (JM)3,5601,985
111JAPAN (JP)2,8501,015
112JORDAN (JO)2,230625
113KAZAKHSTAN (KZ)3,7701,640
114KENYA (KE)2,610855
115KIRIBATI (KI)2,9901,525
116KOREA (KR)2,870850
117KUWAIT (KW)1,920380
118KYRGYZDTAN (KG)3,5501,970
119LAO PEOPLE'S DEM. REP. (LA)2,230705
120LATVIA (LV)2,6101,100
121LEBANON (LB)2,260540
122LESOTHO (LS)3,8202,105
123LIBERIA (LR)3,4602,055
125LIECHTENSTEIN (LI)4,0502,220
126LITHUANIA (LT)3,110975
127LUXEMBOURG (LU)2,750940
128MADAGASCAR (MG)4,0302,070
129MALAWI (MW)4,1702,165
130MALAYSIA (MY)2,460665
131MALDIVES (MV)2,250610
132MALI (ML)4,2802,810
133MALTA (MT)3,1001,200
134MAURITANIA (MR)4,5402,590
135MAURITIUS (MU)3,5601,925
136MEXICO (MX)4,7003,170
137MOLDOVA (MD)3,4001,325
139MONGOLIA (MN)3,3801,345
140MONTENEGRO (ME)4,2902,070
141MOROCCO (MA)2,6901,025
142MOZAMBIQUE (MZ)4,1902,135
143MYANMAR (MM)1,930465
144NAMIBIA (NA)3,7202,080
145NAURU (NR)3,6202,375
146NEPAL (NP)1,620310
147NETHERLANDS (NL)2,930855
149NEWZEALAND (NZ)4,0601,900
150- COOK ISLANDS (CK)4,1501,990
151NICARAGUA (NI)3,5502,140
152NIGER (NE)4,5203,085
153NIGERIA (NG)3,5901,215
154NORWAY (NO)3,950935
155OMAN (OM)1,960320
156PALESTINE (PS)1,770495
157PANAMA (PA)3,3502,055
158PAPUA NEW GUINEA (PG)4,3301,865
159PARAGUAY (PY)3,9202,400
160PERU (PE)4,4002,495
161PHILIPPINES (PH)2,360910
162POLAND (PL)3,2001,140
163PORTUGAL (PT)3,7601,340
164QATAR (QA)2,5501,090
165ROMANIA (RO)3,6601,220
166RUSSIAN FED. (RU)3,9101,005
167RWANDA (RW)3,7402,100
169SAINT LUCIA (LC)3,4002,050
171SINT MAARTEN(SX)2,7601,455
172SAMOA (WS)3,0501,675
173SAO TOME & PRINCIPE (ST)2,8401,460
174SAUDI ARABIA (SA)1,980635
175SENEGAL (SN)3,5101,885
176SERBIA (RS)3,060825
177SEYCHELLES (SC)2,240810
178SIERRA LEONE (SL)3,6902,085
179SINGAPORE (SG)2,540810
180SLOVAKIA (SK)3,1201,475
181SLOVENIA (SI)2,7101,020
182SOLOMON ISLANDS (SB)3,8402,505
183SOMALIA (SO)3,2802,040
184SOUTH AFRICA (ZA)3,2901,340
185SOUTH SUDAN (SS)2,4601,185
186SPAIN (ES)3,120945
187SRI LANKA (LK)1,870450
188SUDAN (SD)2,400660
189SURINAME (SR)3,4502,075
190SWAZILAND (SZ)3,4202,050
191SWEDEN (SE)3,370825
192SWITZERLAND (CH)2,830840
193SYRIAN ARAB REP (SY)3,3401,815
194TAIWAN (TW)3,160730
195TAJIKISTAN (TJ)3,2601,760
196TANZANIA (TZ)2,8301,245
197THAILAND (TH)2,310610
199TIMOR-LESTE (TL)3,3102,035
200TOGO (TG)4,0602,350
201TONGA (TO)4,0102,520
202TRINIDAD & TOBAGO (TT)3,3101,880
203TUNSIA (TN)3,5001,640
204TURKEY (TR)2,810775
205TURKMENISTAN (TM)3,1101,690
206TUVALU (TV)3,7402,500
207UGANDA (UG)3,6802,080
208UKRAINE (UA)3,9701,080
209UAE (AE)1,850330
210URUGUAY (UY)4,6702,460
211USA (US)3,8602,095
212UZBEKISTAN (UZ)4,3801,375
213VANUATU (VU)3,8702,580
214VATICAN (VA)2,9801,280
215VENEZUELA (VE)4,4802,930
216VIET NAM (VN)2,200700
217YEMEN (YE)2,6001,170
218ZAMBIA (ZM)3,6002,100
219ZIMBABWE (ZW)4,4302,260

These are post office international parcel rates according to the PakPost Website. This is the cheapest International shipping from Pakistan.

Note* Revised International Parcel Tariff Effective: -1st February-2019

Registered Parcels:

Revised Rates Effective from May 4, 2019
1Up to 1 KgRs. 100
2Up to 3 KgRs.175
3Up to 5 KgRs. 250
4Up to 10 KgRs. 375
5Up to 15 KgRs.500
6Up to 20 KgRs. 625
7Up to 25 KgRs. 750
8Up to 30 KgRs. 875
Registration Fee for ParcelsRs. 75

Note* Weight Limit: The weight of registered parcel shall not exceed 30 kilograms

Pakistan Post Envelop Price | Ordinary Letters:

Pakistan Post offers envelope delivery services with different prices according to weight and destination.

Sr.Service TypeRates/Prices
Ordinary Letters (Envelopes, Aerogrammes)
1Up to 20 gramsRs. 20
2Upto 50 gramsRs. 38
3Upto 100 gramsRs. 50
4Upto 250 gramsRs. 75
5Upto 500 gramsRs.100
6Upto 1000 gramsRs.150
7Upto 1500 gramsRs.200
8Upto 2000 gramsRs.250
9Registration fee for a single article (General users)Rs. 30
10Registration fee for Newspapers, Journals, Magazines and Bulk users registered with the Post OfficeRs. 20
11Certificate of Posting (for every three articles or for any less number)Rs. 10

These are current Pakistan post envelop prices in Pakistan.

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Pakistan Post Rates Per KG:

Pakistan Post offers parcel delivery services with rates based on the weight of the parcel. For parcels up to 1 kg, the rate is Rs. 100. These rates allow customers to easily calculate the cost of their delivery based on the weight of their parcel.

Pakistan Post Helpline:

Pakistan Post provides a helpline for customers to reach out for any queries or concerns regarding their postal services. The contact information for the helpline can be found on the official Pakistan Post website. These are the Pakistan post helpline number and mail information. You can directly contact in case of any problem.

Pakistan Post Helpline

Pakistan Post Tracking:

Pakistan Post offers various options for customers to track their deliveries, including UMS, international, and through the tracking app. In addition, a dedicated helpline is available for any inquiries or assistance with tracking. The GPO post office also provides tracking services for its customers.

Click HERE for National Tracking

Click HERE for International Tracking

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How long does Pakistan Post take to deliver internationally?

Pakistan Post usually takes around 3 days to deliver within Pakistan, and around 5-6 days to deliver to other countries. There’s also a faster option called Express Mail Services which delivers on the same or next day.

What is UMS Pakistan Post?

UMS stands for Urgent Mail Service and it is a type of delivery offered by Pakistan Post. It has a Cash on Delivery option, meaning that payment for the delivery is made upon receipt.

What items are restricted by Pakistan Post? 

Pakistan Post restricts items that are against the law or go against government orders. They do not allow items that are obscene or offensive, such as indecent images or books.

Does Pakistan Post deliver at home?

Yes, Pakistan Post delivers to your home. They aim to deliver mail, money, and other items safely and on time to customers’ homes at a reasonable cost.

If you have any questions regarding Pakistan Postal Services let us know in the comments.

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